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Residents of Thomas County love their pets, and many households have multiple four-legged family members living with them under one roof. Dogs, cats, ferrets and birds enjoy the safety, love and care they receive from their two-legged friends for years to come, until a catastrophic fire breaks out.

Thomas County Emergency Services will rush into a burning house to save humans and pets. But what about pets that instinctively hide under beds or closets for fear of flames and smoke? Valuable time is spent finding the hiding family dog ​​or cat, and although they were eventually rescued, many have emerged from a burning house in a semi-conscious or unconscious state due to the smoke inhalation.

Red Road Rescue, Inc., a county nonprofit, recognized the need to provide county emergency services with a way to help firefighters resuscitate rescued pets. Recently, thanks to the generous support of Red Rescue, Thomas County Emergency Services received 14 Wag’N Pet oxygen mask kits. The kits, which are made in New Zealand, contain three face masks of different sizes that can accommodate large dogs to birds, and are popular with emergency service organizations across North America.

The donation to the county was “a no-brainer,” Red Road President Johnny Bracey said. “We saw a need for these masks and were happy to provide them. “

Derrick Ogletree, director of emergency services for Thomas County, said the masks were invaluable in their rescue efforts.

“Now every frontline staffed vehicle that covers the county will be equipped with a pet mask kit. Members of the emergency services will be trained in their use. When they see this orange bag on the vehicle, they will know exactly what to use and how to use it.

Ogletree appreciates the support of the community to help their team.

“This donation from Red Road gives us an additional tool to enable us to do a better job,” he said. “These masks are specially made for cats and dogs. Really, they are the most efficient way to deliver oxygen.

For more information about Red Road Rescue, Inc. visit their website at Applications are online to register for volunteerism, hospitality and adoption. Click the “Donate” button for donations via PayPal, debit or credit card.

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