Rescue operation for an 82-year-old man trapped under a tractor

Suffolk firefighters and rescue teams were called in to help an 82-year-old man today, Friday October 8, after he got trapped under his tractor.

The rescue team was called at 11:45 am this morning, to the scene of the incident on Holton Road, near Halesworth.

The man was released after 25 minutes and later transported to hospital by ambulance. It is not known how the tractor ended up on him.

Commenting, a spokesperson for Suffolk Fire and Rescue said:

“At 11:45 am on Friday, October 8, the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Services were called in about an incident involving an 82-year-old man trapped under his tractor on Holton Rd, near Halesworth.

Two fire engines attended the call, as did Suffolk Police and the Eastern England Ambulance Service. “

The Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) was present during the incident, called by the ambulance service to assist the man with his injuries.

“The man was released by Suffolk Fire and Rescue at 12:10 pm when firefighters lifted the man’s tractor with specialized equipment,” the spokesperson said.

“At 12:46 pm a stop was called when the released man was handed over to the ambulance service for medical checks and to be taken to hospital.

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