Russian politician urges Vladimir Putin to fire ‘ballistic missile’ at US nuclear test site

A crooked Russian politician has urged Vladimir Putin to fire “a ballistic missile” at the largest weapons testing site in the United States as a warning against meddling in the country’s affairs.

Yevgeny Alexeyevich Fyodorov – a Russian Duma deputy – urged the despot to press the button and fire a missile at the Nevada firing range as a warning, as Western leaders assume “Putin hasn’t trumps in hand”.

Another of the “trumps” he offered was the bombing of laboratories belonging to the American armed forces.

Fyodorov thinks that if Russia struck its Cold War enemy, the United States would not retaliate, the daily star reports.

Yevgeny Alexeyevich Fyodorov made the threat in a video interview

His comments, made before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last month, are the latest in a long line of bizarre statements about US-Russian relations in recent years.

With sanctions still in place against Russia from Western countries like the US and UK following the incursion into Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin has warned that the restrictions imposed on the country are akin to to “an act of war”.

Fyodorov, in an interview translated by MEMRI TV, said: “Until there is a physical demonstration of (Moscow’s) resolve, America will perceive the positions of Russia and (Putin) as a bluff.

“So they need a demonstration. The most convincing demonstration would be the physical destruction of US Department of Defense facilities.

“I’m talking about facilities, which international law grants us the right to destroy.”

The Russian MP also alleged that missile strikes could hit labs that ‘develop Covid-19’ – a reference to conspiracy theories which suggest that the virus was man-made.

Fyodorov suggested that Russia fire a missile at Nevada
Fyodorov suggested that Russia fire a missile at Nevada

He continued: “For example, it could be the same labs that are developing Covid-19 or we could demonstratively hit the test area in Nevada with a ballistic missile.”

Fyodorov, the coordinator of the National Liberation Movement political group, added: “Naturally, there will be no turning back after firing such a missile.

“However, in this war, we should not threaten strikes or offensives against Ukraine, but damage to American territory.

“If we create for US territory – say, a risk of 10,000 casualties, from even a weak missile strike, then the US will perceive that as a threat of 10 million casualties.

“It’s American psychology, how they think about their country.”

Fyodorov, who was interviewed in January this year, added that due to perceived psychology “there will be no retaliatory strike”.

He also warned that the missile “could be a nuclear explosion” because the Nevada test site is, according to Fyodorov, actively testing nuclear missiles.

Fyodorov has a long history of bizarre and conspiratorial comments about US-Russian relations.

In 2014, he compared rock music to “US-instigated sabotage” after a Russian musician performed for Ukrainian citizens displaced by the war in Donbass.

A missile attack on a US nuclear test site could be catastrophic
A missile attack on a US nuclear test site could be catastrophic

Another outburst came in 2012 when he described Russia and China as key powers saving the world from American “colonization”.

He also expressed his fears of a so-called “color revolution” – organized by Western powers – which he said would lead to population reduction, civil war, sterilization of children, ” LGBT agenda” and starvation.

He also concluded that the assassination of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was orchestrated by CIA hitmen.

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