Satin the hedgehog released into the wild after months of rehabilitation

Facebook / Malta Wildlife Rescue Team

Satin the hedgehog has arrived at Wildlife Rescue Team with many spines missing on December 1, 2021, however, he was released into the wild on Sunday after what the team called an “exceptional” trip.

Satin Hedgehog
Facebook / Malta Wildlife Rescue Team

The hedgehog was taken to the vet and found to have a mite infection. Satin was treated for this and then showed some improvement.

Facebook / Malta Wildlife Rescue Team

It didn’t last long before Satin started showing signs that he wasn’t well, the hedgehog lost all of his fur and thorny patches. The Wildlife Rescue Team reported that it was only after a series of tests that they discovered the nocturnal creature had a peculiar fungal infection.

Facebook / Malta Wildlife Rescue Team

Once again he was treated for the new infection and the volunteers observed a significant improvement. The hedgehog also gained weight and in the end had fully recovered.

Facebook / Malta Wildlife Rescue Team

The volunteers took care of putting Satin through a long process of naturalization in preparation for her release.

“We were a bit sad to see him go, after such an exceptional trip, but to see him running free again was really heartwarming,” the wildlife rescue team said, wishing him good luck and “to avoid the trouble”.

In its Facebook post, the team reminded the public that any wild or stray animal should never be handled with bare hands, both for the safety of the person and that of the animal.

The Wildlife Rescue Team is a branch of Nature Trust – FEE Malta, and is responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of injured protected wildlife in Malta and Gozo. The team of volunteers, who devote a lot of time to the care of the rescued animals, have an environmental watchdog license to handle wildlife.

The species the team looks after are sea turtles, dolphins, hedgehogs, snakes, bats, chameleons, skinks, shrews, Maltese weasel, Maltese painted frog and Maltese wild rabbit . All these species are protected by law.

If one encounters any of the species mentioned above, one should call the Wildlife Rescue Team on 9999 9505.

The team also depends on donations which can be made either by Revolut transfer or by bank transfer to their Wildlife IBAN: MT18 VALL 2201 3000 0000 4002 353 8289.


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