Scottish Labor vows to ban MSP second jobs amid Tory bashing accusations

Labor SCOTTISH pledged to ban second MSP jobs in Holyrood today amid growing accusations of sleaze within the Conservative Party.

Scottish Labor Trade Director Neil Bibby warned SNP ministers that if they did not show “leadership” in ending the practice, his party would.

Parliamentarians come under close scrutiny following a sordid feud sparked by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s botched attempt to shield senior official Tory Owen Paterson from suspension for his violation of lobbying rules.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglass Ross has also been criticized for failing to report outside income worth thousands of pounds.

Mr Bibby said: “The recent revelations of Tory sleaze north and south of the border have made the need for action to crack down on part-time PSM more urgent than ever.

“With several conservative PSMs raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds, we need to have a serious discussion about the priorities of some of our elected officials.

“The role of PSMs should be to focus fully on their constituents and the practice of secondary work should be prohibited.

“In the absence of leadership from the Scottish government, Labor will bring forward legislation to change the law.”

The MSP for the West of Scotland region said there should be exemptions for members who are “required to continue working to maintain their registration, such as healthcare professionals”.

However, the move “would spell the end of second jobs as a way to line their pockets otherwise,” Bibby said.

“It is high time that this sauce train is over,” he added. “This bill will ensure that all of our PSMs work full time for the people of Scotland, and not for private profit.”

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