Search and rescue teams recover 5 decomposed bodies of Assam based workers missing from Arunachal Pradesh

Search and rescue teams from Arunachal Pradesh found five decomposed bodies of the Assam based laborers who had disappeared from BRO road, Huri in Kurung Kumey district of Arunachal Pradesh on July 5, it was reported on Friday Arunachal Pradesh Police. “So far, five decomposing bodies have been recovered and the search and rescue team has rescued 10 workers,” said Nighee Bengia, deputy commissioner of Kurung Kumey district.

“Five decomposed corpses were found in the steep dense forest between Huri to Tapa areas. One Hikmat Ali was drowned in the Furak River. Now the total death toll has reached six and according to statements from the rescued workers, the confirmed dead bodies have been identified as Forizul Haque alias Turu, Moijal Haque, Sohar Ali alias Rustom Ali, Abul Hussain, while one body has yet to be identified through his clothes,” Bengia added. He added that the bodies were found in different places on different dates, namely one on July 25, three on July 26 and one on July 28.

“Not all decomposed corpses could be recovered for several reasons. The search teams only took photos and videos which could not be shared,” he added, adding that the IAF helicopters that joined the rescue team on July 23 have also been suspended. due to bad weather. “LAF helicopters are still waiting for good weather to continue the rescue operation,” the deputy commissioner added.

Bengia joined the search and rescue operation in Huri on July 26 and inspected places in the jungle where at least seven rescued workers crossed the Furak River and where a Wajid Ali was believed to be staying. He physically monitored the search and rescue operations teams and ordered the police, SDRF and local teams to continue the search and rescue operation until all remaining missing workers were found alive. or dead.

He later also visited the five rescued workers at Koloriang District Hospital and inquired about their condition after returning from Huri. Earlier on July 24, the deputy commissioner had informed that 10 workers had been rescued so far.

All 19 had been missing since July 5 at the project site and the body of a worker was found in a nearby Faruk River. The Circle of Damin area is located along the Indo-Chinese border. Damin is about 130 km from Koloriang and the construction site is 15 km from Damin. The LAC with China is about 80 km from Damin, the last administrative circle of this area, officials said. (ANI)

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