Several calls to Cockermouth mountain rescue team as temperatures soar

Members of the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team were called in to several incidents in two days as walkers took advantage of the hot weather.

The team was called at around 11:40 a.m. on July 17 after reports a woman was stuck on a ledge above Warnscale Bottom.

Vehicles were dispatched to the scene to try to locate the victim.

As the team neared Gatesgarth, a second call arrived from the victim’s daughter with a specific location, on Green Crag.

A team member was already in the area and went directly to the victim and provided an initial assessment.

Meanwhile, the team’s first vehicle drove to Dubs Hut, where the equipment was transported to the casualty site.

A rope system was used to secure the woman.

Her arm injuries were treated on the spot before being lifted off the cliff onto a stretcher.

Once on the main path, she was assessed by the team medic and escorted to team vehicles, before being transferred to a waiting ambulance at Honister Slate Mine.

During this call, a group of walkers asked for help because one of their own had fallen ill. She was assessed by the mountain team doctor and escorted out of the fall and as the team made their way home via Gatesgarth, she helped an elderly woman who had collapsed on the road from the heat .

The three calls followed several major incidents the day before, including;

  • Support multi-agency research at Crummock Water.
  • Rescue of a woman with heatstroke on the Whiteside side.
  • Help Keswick Mountain Rescue with a potential overnight call.

Team manager Andrew McNeil said: “It has been a busy two days, in difficult conditions due to the heat, but the team responded well.

“Green Crag is one of our hot spots and we advise the public to be very careful when walking in this area, a misplaced stage can have serious consequences.

“On behalf of the team, I wish all injured this weekend a speedy recovery.”

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