Sno. Fire and Rescue Prop. 1: Renew the levy for the vital service


If you’ve ever had to make an emergency call for help, you’ll know the relief you’ll feel when you hear the sirens coming. At any time of the day or night, we know our regional Snohomish Fire and Rescue personnel will be there to respond to these critical times in life, and now we must help them.

The reinstatement of the charge helps the Fire District meet the cost of providing emergency services to our growing community. Cuts to training, fire prevention, the community paramedic program and equipment replacement totaled $ 1.5 million last year. A yes vote would cost a homeowner an additional $ 500,000 $ 9.58 per month in property taxes. Considering the importance of emergency services, this is a relatively small price to pay.

The neighborhood needs our support. We depend on our fire department to keep our community safe. Proposition 1 renews the tax and allows the district to bring back needed programs and maintain emergency services right here in our community. Please join me in voting yes for Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue Proposition 1.

Heather fulcher


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