Spectacular rescue of a burning boat in the River Trent at Newark Castle as part of the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service training

A spectacular rescue of a burning boat in the river at Newark Castle was a working day for the rescue services yesterday (Wednesday).

Onlookers may have seen Nottinghamshire Police taking part in an exercise to save the boat and its crew, on a mission which was only a stone’s throw from Newark Castle.

This was part of a training program run by the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Photos of the training at Newark Castle. (49236822)

It is common for emergency services to use such real-life scenarios to help prepare all organizations for a time when such a disaster could occur.

The two services used the exercise to work on their joint interoperability procedures and protocols to deal with the burning boat as it drifted down the River Trent, all in an effort to save the lives of the crew and protect public safety.

The local police team, led by Sgt Matthew Ward, provided public safety support during the training.

Officers worked with fellow firefighters to provide cordoned off areas, temporary trail closures, and provided a valuable communication point to educate and reassure the public as the incident progressed.

Newark Neighborhood Police Inspector Charlotte Allardice said: “Fortunately, such real-life scenarios like this are extremely rare, but we must be prepared for any eventuality as a service. emergency.

“This is why we are grateful to be working with our colleagues in the fire service to enable our officers to participate in realistic training exercises like this for major incidents if they were to occur in the Nottinghamshire.

“It is extremely important that we organize these drills so that the public can feel confident in how police and firefighters are working together to save lives and keep the public safe when such incidents are forced upon us.”

Photos of the training at Newark Castle.  (49236819)
Photos of the training at Newark Castle. (49236819)

Firefighters from Newark, Southwell and Collingham fire stations attended.

Exercise Castle, as it was named, saw crews mobilized following a report of smoke rising from a boat, with people seen on the boat and in the water.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Services have also provided a crew with their boat for the actual situation.

District Director Leigh Holmes said: “Exercises like this help operational staff prepare for any real-life incidents that may arise.

“In addition to this exercise which helped us develop our cross-border work, it helped our fire control common room to manage the radio traffic of a water rescue incident.

“Everyone who participated in today’s exercise has shown excellent teamwork and shown that we are ready and competent for any future incident.

“We would like to thank the Nottinghamshire Police for their full support in today’s training. We work regularly with our partners in training exercises and real-life emergency incidents, and we hope our communities in Nottinghamshire trust us to continue to keep them safe.

“We also want to thank the boat owners for allowing us to make this exercise as real as possible.

“Throughout the summer, we urge people to stay safe near the water. If you see someone in danger in the water, do not go after them. Call 999 and encourage the victim to swim.

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