St James neighborhood evacuated with customers warned to leave building

The St James district was evacuated this afternoon after the fire alarm went off.

A witness said Edinburgh Live: “There was an alarm saying that there was a fire in the building” so everyone “left quickly”.

It is not confirmed at this point what triggered the fire alarm, but according to a buyer, “John Lewis has blocked the mall from inside.”

Images shared on social media show crowds of people outside the mall after being ordered to leave immediately.

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This is the latest incident at the £ 1bn shopping center since it opened in late June.

Earlier this month, buyers reported that one of the glass panes on the roof had cracked days after the replacement doors at the old St James Center were opened.

Hundreds of customers were rushed out of the building after a fire alarm sounded. (Image: Twitter / John Mowbray)

And the indoor shopping arcade was hit hard by flooding last weekend when water began to seep through the building’s interstices and cascade inside in torrential weather.

Edinburgh Live has reached out to St James Quarter and Scottish Fire and Rescue to comment on this breaking incident.

We’ll tell you more as we get it.

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