Stuck horse freed from Sainsbury’s car park in Somerset

Fire crews were called in today (Sunday 3 October) to a Sainsbury’s car park in Taunton to rescue a stranded horse.

The animal was traveling in a van when it got its front legs stuck over an internal bar.

Its owner was very distressed and called Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue for help.

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She then drove the trailer into the supermarket parking lot near Hankridge Way and waited for the crews to arrive.

A Taunton fire engine and a special rescue team from Bridgwater quickly came to her aid.

They assessed the situation and the owner called a vet to put the horse to sleep before removing it from the bar.

The sleeping equine was then checked by the vet and taken to a veterinary hospital for further evaluation.

An incident log on the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue website described how the incident happened.

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He said: “Fire Control received a call from the distressed owner of a horse whose front legs had caught on an internal bar of a van.

“A Taunton fire apparatus was mobilized, as well as one of our special rescue teams from Bridgwater.

“The owner had the good sense to get off the freeway and called us from the Sainsbury’s supermarket parking lot at Hankridge Way in Taunton where she waited for our arrival.

“With these kinds of incidents, taking time is the key to performing the most effective and safest rescue for the animal and our crews.

“The incident was brought under control at 5:16 pm after our special rescue team contacted the incident commander and a veterinarian to formulate a plan.

“The vet’s presence was requested by the owner shortly after speaking to the firefighters, as invariably the horse will need sedation to keep them as calm as possible.

“The horse was sedated at 4:55 pm, which allowed the crews to install animal rescue equipment and return the horse to the vet’s hands, allowing for an initial check-up.

“The horse was then transported to a veterinary hospital for further check-up and any further treatment.”

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