Students moved after a fire in Lincoln College housing

THIRTY-TWO university students had to be relocated after a fire in their accommodation.

The Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service was called upon to burn down Lincoln College student accommodation on Wednesday afternoon.

Crews entered the building near the junction of Little Clarendon Street and Walton Street and found a “well-developed” fire in a bedroom on the first floor.

The whole building was then ventilated due to a significant release of smoke, with high pressure fans.

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Station manager Pete Mackay, who witnessed the incident, said, “A fire like this in the middle of National Student Fire Safety Week underscores the importance to students and staff of know exactly what to do in the event of a fire.

“Fortunately, this fire was contained in the room thanks to the closed doors and we were able to extinguish the fire quickly and safely.

“However, there was major disturbance in the building and the occupant lost all of their belongings due to a major fire.

“In this case, the fire safety measures worked well – closed and unobstructed doors prevented the fire from spreading and the fire alarm system quickly sounded the alarm.

“Knowing what to do when the alarm goes off, how to get out safely, and how to reduce the risk of fire in student rooms is really important.

“For any business – university, college or school – having clear plans in place to deal with the consequences of such incidents can really reduce the impact at a really difficult time.”

An investigation revealed that the fire was accidental, caused by an electrical fire possibly involving a rechargeable device. Investigations remain ongoing.

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