The Lake District Mountain Rescue Team calls after a walker hears cries of ‘help me’

Photo: Keswick Mountain Rescue Team

A mountain rescue team has been called after a worried walker heard cries of ‘help me’ while descending Barrow to Stile End.

The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team were called at 6.22pm on August 4 in Stile End after the walker called 999 after hearing five to six cries pleading for help.

Due to the direction of the wind, the walker thought the calls were coming from the lower slopes of Grisedale Pike above the Hospital Plantation or Coledale area.

A small team was sent to investigate, but after searching the area between Barrow and Stile End and then along the Coledale Track to Force Crag, nothing untoward was seen or heard of.

A total of five team members were present and the search lasted one hour and 50 minutes.

The team described the call as a false alarm with good intentions.

The incident comes days after another false alarm was raised by a walker who heard compelling calls for help from Gillercomb Buttress.

On August 1 at 6:26 p.m. the team was called to Ravencrag to respond.

But when attempts were made to hail the caller, no response was heard.

A lone figure was seen stationary on the rock but it could not be determined if it was bound.

With no mobile signal, it took two hours before the informant was able to call 999 to report their experience.

Team members approached the Raven Crag area of ​​Gray Knotts from Honister to undertake a search of the area where the reported screams were heard.

The team reported that there was no evidence of anyone on the rocks and nothing was seen or heard, so they returned to base.

The overall search took three hours and 34 minutes and involved six team members.