These firefighters also have compassion for animals!

Risking your life for others during rescue operations is an integral part of the job of firefighters. Braving the flames, these men scale skyscrapers to ensure there is no loss of life.

Prayagraj firefighters showed similar dedication and effort while rescuing puppies from a building.

In a recent incident, a fire crew rescued two stray puppies trapped in a hole dug for the laying of a drainage pipe at the Nehru complex in the Chowk area. Locals and shopkeepers alike appreciated the firefighters’ efforts to save the lives of two stray puppies whose mother was agitated since her litter was trapped and called for help.

A young local, Tinku, learned of the fate of the two puppies on Tuesday evening and approached the fire station to ask for help. Soon the fire crew left the station within a minute. The team inspected the place and discovered that the two stray puppies were trapped in the hole dug for the laying of the drain pipe on the fourth floor of the Nehru complex in the Chowk area.

The puppies were trapped in the outer part of the building where people could not reach without a large ladder. The rescue team, after surveying the scene, cut off the power supply to the building. The team then used an extension ladder from outside the multi-storey building to reach the drainpipe hole where the two little puppies had been trapped since morning and were in poor condition. The team managed to save the two puppies and bring them down.

Fire Chief RK Pandey said the two puppies had been trapped since Tuesday morning and were making noise all day but there was no one to help or listen to them. The fire brigade rescue team received information in the evening and immediately started the rescue operation. The task was difficult as the pups were trapped in the narrow pipeline. However, the rescue team managed to get the pups out after reaching the drain pipe through the extension ladder. Residents and traders appreciated the efforts of the rescue team and applauded their efforts, the CFO added.

Earlier, the fire team rescued a cow that fell into a well in the trans-Ganga region a few months ago. About a year ago, the team rescued a blue bull that also fell and became trapped in a well in a village.