This Puppy Rescued On 495 Near Hoboken Needs Our Help

While dogs and cats are unfortunately brought to shelters and shelters in the Hoboken and Jersey City area on a regular basis, this sweet pup, about 4 months old, ended up on Route 495 near Hoboken – driving through traffic Wednesday afternoon. Local Hoboken resident Janelle Hoffman jumped out of her car, dodging traffic to save him.

She took him straight to the Hoboken Animal Infirmary on Adams Street where staff cleaned him up and treated him for minor injuries and scratches.

“In a crazy turn of events, yesterday I found a pup walking through a very busy section of 495,” Janelle said. “Luckily the traffic stopped and another driver and I were able to grab him and put him in my car. He is now in the very capable hands of Wise Animal Rescue, and they need help getting the funds to pay for his care. If anyone is able, I would be very grateful for any donation you could make in Charlie’s name. He is the most cuddly, incredibly intelligent, playful and curious little bug. He clearly has escaped some kind of terrible situation, and I want to make sure his future is filled with nothing but love and joy!

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Hoboken dog lovers Facebook group quickly took action to raise awareness and provide the best treatment and placement, and the pup, affectionately nicknamed “Corn Pop Charlie,” is now in the care of Wise Animal Rescue. Janelle wrote in the Facebook group, “Thank you EVERYONE for all the support yesterday for little baby Charlie! Dana Luzzi and Matt Majer chimed in (THANK YOU!!!), and he’s now officially a Wise Animal Rescue pup! They need help with funds for his care, if anyone is able to contribute – every little bit counts!He is a little wobbly on his feet so he needs to see a neurologist to see what is happening going on, and they’re expensive! I want to do everything I can to make sure the next chapter of his life is everything he deserves. He really is such a special (and VERY lucky!) little guy! Donate via the button below, and thank you!!!”

rescued puppy 495 hoboken sage animal rescue

WISE Animal Rescue, a local foster and rescue team, stepped in to help and quickly helped secure further medical attention for Charlie – bringing him to the neurologist this afternoon – as he had neurological issues – being very wobbly on his feet. Since WISE is a New Jersey foster rescue dedicated to rescuing animals of all ages and breeds, they need donations to support Charlie’s potentially extensive medical care.


Editor’s Note: So many dogs are in need, but sometimes some puppies tug on your heart a little more. I hope we can all come together to donate and help little Charlie have the best possible chance of starting life on the right foot!

This follows the Liberty Humane Society’s email announcement that “animal shelters are seeing a surge in admissions and a drop in adoptions – putting a strain on shelters with pets in need of care.” ‘a loving home’, likely due to the pandemic surge in puppies over the past two years.

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With support from the Best Friends Animal Society, Liberty Humane is also hosting a free adoption event this weekend aimed at helping animals over six months old associate with their forever homes. All adopted animals will be vaccinated, tested, sterilized and microchipped.

rescued puppy 495 hoboken sage animal rescue

If you are looking for ways to get involved, this article may also help.

Meanwhile, Charlie lives his life in Hoboken, as he recovers from his injuries and receives neurological treatment. According to his current adoptive mother, Dana, if you see Corn Pop Charlie in the town of Hoboken, “be sure to say hello! He is super friendly and loves people and other dogs!

Donate to Charlie’s Care here.

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