Tory Scottish councilor targeted by thugs reveals he was rejected by 200 landowners during dig search

A councilor who has suffered a series of terrifying attacks on his home has revealed that he has been turned down by more than 200 landlords as he seeks temporary accommodation.

Graeme Campbell, who has spoken out against gangsters and organized crime, saw his Strathaven, Lanarkshire property targeted by thugs.


Graeme Campbell revealed he was rejected by 200 homeowners during dig searchCredit: Graeme Campbell / Facebook
Scottish councilor Tory had his property in Strathaven, Lanarkshire, targeted by thugs


Scottish councilor Tory had his property in Strathaven, Lanarkshire, targeted by thugs

Two BMW engines were burned and part of his house was destroyed.

An incident in June was the third time he had been attacked and Campbell, 52, spoke of how he planned to kill himself following a blood feud.

Following the attack, Campbell and his wife Fiona began desperately looking for a house to rent in their area, but were forced to move out.

Campbell, who resigned as a member of the Conservative Party earlier this year, has shared his grief and admitted he is no longer making public appearances.

He said: “I will not be running for a fourth term as an adviser and for security reasons I will not appear in public and, as most of those who know me already know, Fiona and I have left the South. Lanarkshire unable to live in the town we raised a family and the town we thought we loved.

“Our home, as well as our lives, was left in ruins because I stood up and supported my constituents.

“I hit rock bottom a week later when I stupidly thought we were going to ask to rent a few houses nearby and live in a week or two later, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. .

“Over 200 owners even refused to consider us which meant Fiona and I had no choice but to spend the summer time away from Scotland and we considered if we should come back one day. day.

“In fact, we were able to put everything we had left in the trunk of a car, which was a strange and demoralizing, if not ridiculous situation.

“Locating a house to rent for next year while our house in Strathaven was being rebuilt because our only priority is to wipe out an entire summer and waste days, weeks and even months as we collide brick wall after brick wall leaving officers lying between their teeth to us and many, we believe, breaking the law to avoid renting a house to two professional adults in their fifties and their cats. “

In a letter to voters, he added: “I had planned to remain a candidate for another five years because I felt I still had work to do.

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“I hope everyone who lives in Avondale understands that I can no longer subject myself or my family to abuse and attack.

“With the recent murder of Sir David Amess and of course Jo Cox a few years earlier, politics, even local politics, has become such a toxic business.

“Social media abuse, added to three attacks in three years leaving us homeless and the majority of our personal belongings destroyed means I have no choice but to leave and try to rebuild a future in another part of the country.

“There are far too many in our country and our community who are not ready to accept the simple fact that diversity of opinions and cultures is a good thing and, like democracy itself, should be cherished.”

Detectives investigating the June attack revealed that an accelerator was poured on Campbell’s cars and that a man seen on CCTV reportedly set himself on fire in the incident.

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He is described as being of slim build and wore a dark beanie, a jogging top with two bands on both shoulders with the hood up, jogging bottoms with two bands on each leg, a high visibility reflective jacket and a backpack. back.

Detectives believe the man approached Campbell’s home on foot, started the fire, and then fled to downtown Strathaven.

Further attacks on Campbell in May 2019 and August last year were condemned as an attack on democracy and the issue was also raised twice in Holyrood during Prime Minister’s Questions.

The independent adviser, who represents Avondale and Stonehouse on the South Lanarkshire council, claimed he had been targeted for a case he was working on as part of his role on the council.

Last month Crimestoppers announced a reward of £ 3,000 for information about the attacks.

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