Underground ‘lava-like’ fire discovered in Scotland

A long-smoldering underground fire has been revealed for the first time after Earth suddenly opened up in a Scottish field.

Stunning video shows a smoldering, glowing ‘lava-like’ substance in an open crevice, The Sun reported.

The danger – an underground fire in a closed coal mine – is near a trailer park.

Residents are concerned about the potentially dangerous “lava-like” substance.
Tam Paton/Facebook

“I didn’t realize it was so bad. It’s so dangerous that it could kill someone if the ground caves in,” an unnamed local resident said.

“The smell is powerful. You can smell the ground burning as soon as you approach the pitch,” another said.

A local council representative said the fire was blocked, before being put down by ‘unknown parties which is clearly not helpful’.

scottish lava
The fire comes from a closed coal mine.
Tam Paton/Facebook

Officials were in contact with the landowner and the UK Coal Authority.

“Council will continue to engage with affected parties to ensure they meet their respective obligations and, in the meantime, will advise members of the public to avoid the affected area.”