Unusual: a man joined a rescue team and discovered they were looking for him

An unusual episode took by surprise a group of rescuers working against the clock to find a man their friends could not find after a night in which they had ingested a significant amount of alcoholic beverages. The hilarious situation took place in Turkey after the man’s friends requested the intervention of the authorities and a major operation was mounted to find him.

While it is true that going out for fun with friends can be a relaxing time for most human beings, there are situations in which these encounters may not have this primary purpose. This man’s story took everything to a new level after getting lost in a forest after drinking with friends, so they had to start an exhaustive search which curiously the “lost” himself joined .

According to international media, it all happened last Tuesday when a man who lives in Inegol, was reported missing by his friends, who lost track of him while intoxicated and near a lush forest. As a result of this situation, the authorities formed a search and rescue brigade.

But the most unexpected of this situation occurred when, in the midst of the search for the “missing person”, and during the search tasks, one of the volunteers who joined the brigadists As they were inspecting the forest trying to find the whereabouts of the missing person, they noticed something strange.

Turkish media reported that at one point one of the brigadists conducting the search, it occurred to him to shout out the name and surname of the missing person and Happy beyham he simply replied “I’m here”, thinking that they called him knowing he was one of the volunteers and not that they were looking for him.

After the unusual search operation and the authorities ensuring that the missing person was safe and sound, and accompanying the rescue group, his statement was simply taken and Happy He was brought home.

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