Wasted! A Turk is looking for himself after his disappearance

A 50-year-old man has disappeared after having a drink with his friends. While wandering in the woods, his friends filed a disappearance report with the police, following which a search operation was launched. The incident took an amusing turn when it was discovered that the man was part of the team that had gone to the forest to search for him.

Local media shared a photo showing Turkish Beyhan with other members of the rescue team. (Photo: Twitter)

A man in Turkey “searched for himself” for hours – not philosophically but literally.

A 50-year-old Turk named Beyhan Mutlu had disappeared from the rural Çayyaka neighborhood near the town of Inegöl after having a few drinks with his friends. He had wandered through the intoxicated wood, local media reported. When he did not return to the neighborhood, his friends notified the police.

The police filed a report of disappearance and a search operation was launched to find the man.

When the officials called out Mutlu’s name in the forest area, they were shocked to find that the man, under the influence of alcohol, was walking alongside the officials all this time “in search of himself. “.

Mutlu was apparently part of the search operation as he believed that efforts had been made to find someone else and not him.

When Beyhan Mutlu heard officials call his name, he asked who they were calling. “I’m here,” he said nonchalantly.

Meanwhile, media outlet Vaziyet shared a photo on Twitter that showed Beyhan with other members of the rescue team.

“The teams prepared a report on the search and left the missing person at his home,” Vaziyet said in his tweet.

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