Watch California Police Rescue Hostages From Sword-Wielding Suspect

The Sacramento Police Department released video on Tuesday of a SWAT officer shooting a sword-wielding man as he held his wife and children hostage inside his home.

The a police shooting took place on August 10 during a rescue at the Sacramento home in the 100 block of Dragonfly Circle, after several hours of officers trying to convince the gunman to come out and surrender peacefully.

A Sacramento Police SWAT team member shot and injured Isaiah Gardner as he held the sword in an elevated position next to his wife and children in a bedroom, according to the police department. Gardner was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Police said Tuesday that Gardner is in stable condition and continues to receive medical treatment. He will be suspected of false imprisonment in the Sacramento County Jail once he is released from the hospital.

The The police department released an edited video of the shooting with narration, as well as two body-worn camera videos, a dispatch audio recording and a crisis negotiation team audio recording.

Shortly before 1 a.m. on August 10, patrol officers were called to the Dragonfly Circle home just north of San Juan Road in the Gateway West neighborhood, northwest of the junction between Interstate 5 and the ‘Interstate 80.

A male suspect, later identified as Gardner, was reportedly armed with a sword and barricaded himself in the house with his wife and children. The woman said she was not allowed to leave with her children.

The patrollers tried for several hours to make contact with someone inside the house. Officers from the department’s crisis negotiation and SWAT teams were called to the scene. The negotiators were on the phone with the occupants of the house for more than two hours “as they worked towards a peaceful resolution”, police said in a press release.

The SWAT officers formed a hostage rescue team that could quickly enter the house. Police said officers learned that Gardner was holding his family hostage in a bedroom.

Negotiations continued around 7:30 a.m., when police heard sounds of distress from Gardner’s wife and threats from Gardner.

“I’m not going down. I’m not leaving this room and neither are you, daughter,” Gardner said in an audio recorded by crisis negotiators.

Gardner then refused to let the negotiators speak to his wife, after she overheard him telling her to stop. Then he heard about “cowardly angels” outside.

“And to pray for an innocent man and his family who are about to have Satan himself unleashed upon them,” Gardner was heard saying. “I’m going to chop your head off b—-. That’s what’s gonna happen. That woman betrayed me all night.

A child could be heard crying in the background as Gardner screamed and demanded that his wife return to a closet. Gardner continued to shout as his wife shouted “Stop!”

The SWAT team enters the house

The video shows SWAT officers lined up outside the front door of the house. An officer attempted to unlock the door with a key. When that didn’t work, an officer swung a ram to open the door.

The officers then went upstairs and lined up at the bedroom doors, posing as police officers. Gardner can be heard saying, “Hands off that door.”

An officer used the ram to open the chamber doors. The video shows the chamber doors open and Gardner standing and holding the sword. Three shots were fired, then Gardner fell to the ground. His wife could be heard saying, “Please help me.” She and her children were on a nearby bed.

Officers then entered the bedroom, turned Gardner onto his stomach, and handcuffed him. The video shows an officer calling medics and asking officers to roll Garden again.

Police said officers then provided medical aid to Gardner, including applying a tourniquet to his leg and covering a wound with gauze.

None of the hostages or officers were injured in the successful rescue.


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