Watch out for the “harmful” toxins from burning material spilled by flies on a bonfire night

The Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service has warned the public of the dangers of burning fly tipped material on bonfire night due to potentially ‘harmful’ toxins.

The fire and rescue service is concerned that people will build larger and more dangerous bonfires during the bonfire night period using landfill waste found on the street.

They urged people to attend organized bonfire events whenever possible, as they are much safer, but if people want to have theirs, be careful what they are burning.

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Station manager Joe Cunliffe told ECHO: “You should only burn clean, dry materials – never burn household garbage, tires or anything that contains paint, plastic or foam Do not use gasoline or paraffin to start a fire.

“Please don’t burn landfill garbage – you have absolutely no idea what you are burning and how combustible these items are.

“Bonfires containing such waste could quickly run out of control and pose a threat to property and life.

“Landfill waste can contain harmful toxins such as asbestos that harm not only the environment, but also your own health and that of those around you. “

The Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service has been working with local authorities in the area to remove litter spilled by flies, fearing hazardous materials could end up on bonfires.

Operation Banger saw five tons of potentially hazardous waste removed from the area’s streets on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

The Cunliffe Station Manager added: “We are working closely with local authorities and have dump trucks all over Merseyside to proactively dispose of dumped waste before it can be used to start a fire. . “

One of the authorities that have worked closely with Merseyside Fire and Rescue is Knowsley Council, which told ECHO it is warning anyone considering starting dangerous fires not to do so.

Their street scene team helped the fire and rescue services clean up the fly-tipped objects reported by community members.

A spokesperson told ECHO: ‘As we approach Halloween and Bonfire Night, Knowsley Council reiterates the’ No More ‘message to anyone considering using this time of year as an excuse to commit a crime or engaging in antisocial behavior – this includes setting up antisocial fires.

“While we want people to enjoy the season, bonfires can be dangerous to both the public and the environment, so we are working closely with the Merseyside Police and Fire Department and Merseyside Relief Aid to keep our streets safe during Halloween and bonfire.

“This includes providing vehicles to the fire department’s arson team so that fly spill incidents that can be used for bonfires are suppressed.”

Cunliffe Station Manager added: “We are not trying to spoil people’s fun, but the fires that are deliberately started as bonfire night approaches are draining the already overburdened fire department resources tremendously. “

Station Manager Cunliffe also urged people to do their part in the preparation of Bonfire Night by properly removing their trash.

He said: “You can help reduce the number of incidents during this bonfire period by never giving combustible materials to anyone.

“If you have waste to dispose of, dispose of it responsibly. Don’t throw them out on the street – take them to your local recycling center. “

You can report spilled material by calling 0800 731 5958 or by emailing [email protected]

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