‘We’re coming for you,’ warns Michael Gove of apartment builders in conflict over fire hazards – UK politics live

Hello. Michel gove, the upgrade secretary, made a rare appearance during today’s morning interview. He mainly spoke of the announcement of the £ 4 billion support program for tenants affected by excessive siding removal costs, which will be the subject of a declaration to the Commons later. But he was also asked about Covid, and in an interview with the Today program, he did indeed admit he was wrong, and Boris Johnson was right, when the cabinet considered the need for tighter restrictions on England the week before Christmas. When told he was in favor of tighter restrictions, but developments since then suggested they were not necessary, he replied:

From some of the things I have said and written, people will know that, in the spectrum of opinions, I was on the more careful end. Perfectly legitimate to draw this inference. But the Prime Minister, who has had so many different things to balance, publicly that we would be able to overcome that with the recall campaign. So, if more were needed, we would be prepared to put in place additional measures. We are still keeping this under review. But his judgment was upheld.

The interview almost did not take place because Gove got stuck in a BBC elevator on his way to the studio, sparking many jokes about his personal need for a more effective leveling strategy. This is from Jack Lamport of the BBC.

I’ll be posting more of Gove’s Morning Interviews shortly.

Here is the program for the day.

11:30 am: Downing Street is holding a lobby briefing.

Morning: Boris Johnson is on a visit, where he is expected to record a consolidated TV interview.

3:30 p.m.: Alok Sharma, President of Cop26, testifies before the Lords’ Environment Committee on the implementation of the Cop26 agenda.

After 3:30 p.m .: Michael Gove is making a statement to MPs about a £ 4bn package to help tenants cope with crippling coating removal costs.

I will cover the UK Covid developments here today, but for broader coronavirus coverage read our Global Live Blog.

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