who came to the rescue of a cat stuck in a tree for two days

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – In today’s Lost and Found by Leigh, a desperate plea for help in rescuing a cat from a tree is answered.

Hoodie the cat spent nearly 40 hours stuck about 30 feet in the air and it was a local tree service that came to the rescue.

Chelsea Maynard spent hours screaming for her cat Hoodie to come down from a tall tree in her yard north of Springfield.

She says, “When I called him, I could tell he was scared. It wasn’t his usual meow. It was very loud, almost like a scream.

After a day and a half without success, Chelsea posted on Leigh’s Lost and Found page, pleading for help. She received a lot of advice.

“I tried the tuna thing, put a can of tuna at the bottom of the tree. I tried hot chicken to bring it down.

But nothing worked. Hoodie was too scared to take the plunge.

Chelsea says: “I was so nervous for so long. I had stood outside for hours, staring at the tree. My legs ached, I had stood there so long, calling her name and trying to find a way to get up there.

Finally, another poster offered the help of her friend.

“She said my friends had a tree service and they could come and help.”

Chelsea looked up the Canopy Tree service on Facebook and saw that they had done this kind of high-flying rescue before, so she knew Hoodie was in good hands.

Within an hour of their arrival, Hoodie was out of the tree and back in her mother’s arms.

“He was so relieved every time he came inside.”

Hoodie’s ordeal hasn’t stopped him from trying to get his way again, but Chelsea are watching him more closely now. She also has a message for the people who saved her.

“Thank you so much Canopy Tree Service for saving my cat!”

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